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Mazedaar May Mania

  • 07 May 2021
  • 25 May 2021
  • Zoom


Hello JRJC'S

Upcoming Event

                              Mazedaar May Mania 

                                                   - A Month filled with fun  & learning…….

JRJC WING OF JCI Bangalore Garden City



Event  Details :

Date : 7th & 8th May 2021

Timing : 1:30pm - 4pm

Venue : Zoom Meeting


“Baking is to just roll with it” 

 Cakes & Bakes presents an culinary art by  

Jc Anupama kataria


(1)    All the sessions are practical 

(2)    To prepare list will be given before hand.

(3)    To follow the instructions carefully. 

(4)    To check the network.

(5)    To keep all the things ready in front of you mentioned in the ‘To prepare’ list

(6)    To be on time

(7)    Kids should be under the supervision of elders while cooking.

(8)    Mandatory to attend both the sessions.


Dont's : 

Kids should not play while  cooking.


 “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations”

Date : 12th & 13th May 2021.

Graffitti calligraphy : Age group : 6-10 years   

Timings : 11 am – 1 pm

Faux calligraphy : Age group : 11-17 years 

Timings: 2pm - 4pm 

Zoom Id will be shared.

  Pencraft by Jcrt Swapna Jain


(1)    To check the network

(2)    To keep  all  the stationary ready  with you in front of you  mentioned  during the class . 

(3)    To be on time.

(4)    Follow  the instructions carefully. 

(5)    All sessions are  practical. 

(6)    Mandatory to attend both the sessions.

(7)    To prepare list will be given beforehand.


 “Music is how we decorate time”

 Date : 17&18th May 2021.

 Timings : 2pm - 4pm

Zoom Id will be shared.

 Rock & Roll with Twinkling stars Studio  by Jc  Raj Lunkad


(1)      To be on time

(2)      To check the network 

(3)      To follow the steps carefully

(4)      All sessions are practical

(5)      Mandatory to attend both the sessions.

(6)      Video will be uploaded before hand.


Note: For the above classes,  competition will be conducted & assignments will be assigned .Based on given assignments & competitions, the winners will be chosen.…& with all these we have an exciting game..

Judges decision will be final…..

Any changes will be updated (if any)


“We win as a team 

We lose as a team.”

A surprise game for our beloved JRJCS

Date :  24th & 25th May 2021

Timings : 2pm - 4pm

Registration link: https://www.jcibgc.in/event-4295729

For Further details contact :

Project Team :

JrJc  Pratham .N.Jain


NO : 9844553283

JrJc Pratham . H . Kothari


NO : 9844363818

JrJc kenisha Raj Lunkad


NO : 9741124109

JrJc Ronith khanted

(JrJc Secretary)

JrJc Vanssh Singghvi

(JrJc chairperson)

Jc Navin Nahar


HGF Rushabh Panani


Jc Mitesh Lunia


Team  unique 31

“ Bring out the Best".

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