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TAP THE MARKET - Build , Network , Growth

  • 11 May 2021


                  “Content marketing is more than a buzzword.

                     It is the hottest trend in marketing because

                     it is the biggest gap between what buyers want

                      and brands produce.”

                                                                                                    - Michael Brenner

Dear Members,

JCI Bangalore Garden City Business Development Portfolio is happy to announce a Year Long Member Centric Business promotion and Business Enhancing Project.


The Core Idea of the project is to market the business of our members amongst our chapter members on direct basis and to the world by way of social Media. The Project will 4 Major aspects as mentioned Below

Data collection: of members so that a good knowledge about your business can lead a better marketing of yours.

Promotions: Member business will be discussed with them and promotional materials be created from the team to be spread globally by means of social Media. We will support the businesses registered with us in creating a Brand for themselves with guidance on LOGO, Visiting Card, Flyers and Even Product Catalogues. Promotions Targeted as of now are Facebook, Instagram, Direct Emailing & WhatsApp.

Group Meetings: We are looking forward to have business meetings in morning along with the breakfast. Each member will be given a time to talk about the company. This will generate more business, generate more revenue, your business grows, you build relationships and sharpens your skills. These meetings will be held online until govt guidelines provide for Offline meetings. A nominal chare of Rs.500/- per meeting will be charged at the time of Meting (Offline only).

Business Application: We look forward to a technical solution for our members which will offer them a platform to be referred to all our members and the world as a supplier for their product and services. This will be opened for all members of garden city but preference in being referred will be given to the members registered in this event. We will even take the platform to Zone and national level, wherein always the seller on the platform will be a JC member.

To Know more   https://www.jcibgc.in/resources/TTM-FAQ.pdf

Register for the Event : https://forms.gle/ujHgUiVZMbve3M1R9

Key Points / T& C

  • ·       All of this Project except for Meetings Cost of Rs.500/- for Offline meeting is Free of Charge for the registered members.
  • ·       All Creatives will be made on Templates pre decided by the Team.
  • ·       Members will have to provide the best information from their end to make sure that all creatives created are useful for marketing for that member.
  • ·       Member’s promotion order will be on criteria set by the team.
  • ·       Members are requested to share the Total Business Done details from one meeting to another amongst the members and others (Both Business received and Business Given)
  • ·       Members are requested to create maximum Mileage for the event and its promotion as the more you help the more you get for your own promotion.
  • ·       All decision with regards to all aspects of the project will be done by the Team and it will be binding on all Members.
  • Do Follow and Share our social Media handles

Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/tapthemarket

Instagram ID : @tapthemarket21

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