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Nukkad Natak - Orientation

  • 02 July 2022


  • Children from the age of 12 years to 17 years only allowed.
    Kindly register separately for every child.
    Same ID can be used multiple times.

Registration is closed

What “ we” can do together,

“I” can’t. “We” can demolish a mountain

but “I” can not even shake it.

Hello JrJcs!!

With pride and passion, we present...

Nukkad Natak

(“Gali Gali, Nukkad Nukkad, jab apna parcham leheraenge,

Ye Banglore Garden City ke bache hai guru,

Pure desh mai apna naam felaenge”)

“An opportunity to make a change, an opportunity to be

the makers of the wave of change and not just a rider.

What is it?When is it? Where is it? How is it? Why is it?

Toh ye khola humne pitaara, Nukkad Natak ka…

- What is it?

Nukkad Natak or Street play is a dialogue with the

crowd conveying or raising a voice for a social cause.

It includes drama, music, dance, formations, jingles and

many many more things.

- When is it?

The orientation will be conducted on 2nd July 2022.

The timings and Venue will be updated shortly.

- Why is it?

Do you want to know what your child will learn?

1. A boost of confidence that will naturally be felt.

2. To give a social message to the public very strongly.

3. A new skill is a new will to do something more!

4. Friendship Friendship Friendship!!

5. To grow as an individual through the entire process as

learning is never limited to the agenda.

6. First, to be aware of the social cause that they are

voicing and discover and reflect on the current

real-world problems.

7. AND → Because JCI BGC ke bache kuch bhi kar sakte hai!!


Eligibility to participate:

- Should be 12 or above years old.

- Should give ample time and effort.

- Should have a lot and a lot of FUN!

“A vision is just a few people thinking about a

few more people very strongly”

It lies in our vision to give you the best of memories

as we have till now, we will continue to do so

without any doubt!



Register now and let’s be the change creators and

not just the followers!!


For further queries contact :

JrJc Jiya Kothari 

Project Director

98443 63818

JrJc Raksh Jain

Project Director

99641 05055

JrJc Tatva Chouhan

Project Coordinator

88844 30079

JrJc Tashu Jain 

JrJc Secretary ‍



JrJc Yash Dugar 

JrJc Chairperson ‍



HGF Mitesh Lunia 



Jc Abhishek C Jain 


Bemisaal 32

Do well all that you do!!

JrJc wing

Team Bemisaal 32

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