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My Dear JCI Family,

Greetings & Happiness !!


It’s my honour and privilege to hold the post of president of prestigious LOM - JCI Bangalore Garden City of JCI INDIA. Let me convey my gratitude and huge thanks for the immense love and affection that each one of you has showered upon me.

As JCI Members, we have a lot of responsibilities to make active citizens and better communities in and around us. While the deal is not yet complete, this is the right time to utilize the opportunity bestowed upon our shoulders and create that impactful change in the world

I am so blessed that I have a dream team Unique 31, a mixture of young ideas and energy with the subtle and experienced hands to hold me and take me to a path of successful year 2021. My team is going to rock and I am sure we will bring all your dreams to reality. This year you all will visualize the freshness of ideas, creativity, experience and humbleness in every executed project. It’s like all in one package just for you. 

To create the year 2021, in an year of fun and learning the team will execute and deliver best of events and ensure the involvement of all members. As a member, you bring great value to the organization. With new ideas and enthusiasm, vital in your ability to  bring change. The time to take action is now. Your time as a JCI member will only be as valuable as your commitment and dedication to JCI mission and its value, the team would require all your support and love.

All of you have given me 1000 reasons to smile and I owe my happiness to you , this year I am here to share all my dreams , smiles and happiness with all of you , With smart working, grit, determination blended with completeness of commitment, the team UNIQUE 31 will surpass many milestones.

As we set off on this journey together, let all of us inspire and bridge the gap for the year 2021. Together let us desire, conceive, and create the new structure of the future, which will embrace architecture and sculpture and painting in one unity and which will one day rise toward Heaven from the hands of a million workers like the crystal symbol of a new faith. 

As a JCI Member we remain united to JCI Mission, vision, values and passion for a positive change. As a President I do not want to be just a PRESIDENT for you but also be part of your family with whom you can also share a laugh.
where life gives hundred reasons to cry, we show life thousand more reasons to smile... keep smiling keep growing...lets all together build a better tomorrow...



Make this experience as a Jaycee worthwhile and enjoyable.

With the Best of Wishes,



President 2021


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